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Trick to Clean Microphone from Dust

The microphone is the most important part of karaoke equipment and most often used directly. If you note the head of the microphone that has a small hole that allows germs lodged in it. In this case, it is very necessary expertise in cleaning and maintaining.

This activity is quite difficult because the cleaned parts have small gaps and in some specific MIC there are parts that cannot be separated so it is very difficult when cleaning. Therefore, to prevent this from happening so that your microphone remains clean, all you have to do is to wrap your microphone with disposable microphone covers. With disposable microphone covers, you will be able to cover your favorite microphone without lower the quality of the microphone sound because it is made of plastic so it is so thin. Besides, it also has a lot of colors that you can be chosen.

Apart from that, the consoder type microphone is more sensitive than the dynamic microphone, so it is advisable not to use water to clean it because it can damage the microphone condenser component.
How to clean the microphone is to use a soft dry toothbrush then brush it slowly in reverse order so that dirt particles fall from the microphone. Remember, do not let water enter this type of microphone and never tap the microphone when it tests sound. Because the microphone that serves to capture our sound is made of a very sensitive material and thinner than a human hair. If the MIC head or grille can be removed by rotating, you can clean it without any risk of damage to the MIC. Use water and add a little detergent to remove the smell and lipstick stain. Use a fluffy toothbrush to flatten the detergent water.
In some microphone models, the foam on the grille can be removed, but this is not necessary because water does not damage the foam.