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The Presentation of a Hungry Fruit Salad

In addition to vegetables, fruits are a source of vitamins whose properties do not need to be asked again. Starting from meeting the nutrients the body needs, preventing various dangerous diseases, to the source of a natural diet to lose weight. Unfortunately, many people claim not to be fond of eating fruit. Sadly again, most of them are young people. Sweet Tomato Buffet has a unique and interesting fruit presentation idea. Who knows, by looking at it you will be moved to try to like to eat fruit. Presentation of the fruit by means of small sliced ??and laid out parallel will look neat and interesting to consume. Just take a fork. About the price, Sweet Tomato Buffet Price has a really cheap price, Weekday Lunch – $ 9.49 and weekend – $ 9.79 only.

 For those of you who do not like fruit salad, maybe the arrangement on the table Sweet Tomato will be interesting for you because arranged in a circle with the bulkhead. You can use the pineapple crown to decorate the center. If you have a square plate, the arrangement could be like this. The middle part you can add a small plate of fruit or sauce. Serve the slices of fruit by stacking them according to the type of fruit. Make it more narrow to look like a temple.