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The Influence Of Motorik Anak Influence On Child Attitude

The development of a child’s motor is a development that includes the process of growing a child. Motor development basically includes nerves and nerves and muscles. Growing a child’s flower should be considered because a child should be assisted in the development of the motor child. Motor development can be seen through the growth of a child’s body, such as height, weight and so forth. Gross motor development is a development that occurs in the behavior of children such as walking, jumping or moving-body movement. This development can grow the movement of children will be agiler. The development of fine motor is the development that uses the mind or the mind, for example just holding something. Because something that can be held means it can be seen. Because fine motor development is a visual development, for example, eye movement, hands and arms simultaneously. Together with the game we provide, Bouncy Castles Limerick, you can train your child’s motor skills very well, because we provide various versions that can guide your child using their motor system very well.

The theory also explains that when the child is motivated to do something, they can create new motor skills, the new ability is the result of many factors, namely the development of the nervous system, the physical ability that allows it to move, the child’s desire to motivate him to move, and environments that support the acquisition of motor skills. For example, the child will start walking if his nervous system is ripe, the legs strong enough to support his body and his own son wants to walk to take his toys. Through the development of the child’s motor, the child can entertain himself and get pleasure, through the development of the motor child, the child can cause self-confidence, a child can move here and there. The development of a child’s motor can make a child can get along with the environment and start to recognize the environment. Maturity, at the age of 5 years of children already have maturity on the nerves so that children can be stimulated to perform the movement. Exercise, childless motor development without guidance will not be perfect because a child needs attention and learning.