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VSAT, Affordable Satellite Internet Solutions with Quota Packages

VSAT is fast in installation. It only takes an hour for installation and activation, then the internet is accessible. Therefore, the VSAT or commonly referred to as the internet pelosok is the perfect solution for remote areas. Why?

Because not all terrestrial networks (optical fiber, copper cable, Etc.) can reach all islands and inland in Indonesia. Just imagine, there are approximately 900 islands of 17,000 islands in Indonesia are inhabited by humans. It’s hard for a terrestrial internet provider to provide internet access in all of those islands.

Many also inland-hinterland that is still not covered by cable internet. Therefore, VSAT is the fastest and most practical solution for Internet procurement in remote areas. In addition to fast installation, VSAT also has a very large coverage. It can include one country, even a continent. So for Indonesia which in fact is an archipelagic country, VSAT is the right solution.

With the more affordable quota packages, VSAT Indonesia internet providers hope that more local people can utilize VSAT connections for various needs, especially for business and education. And of course, business and small and medium enterprises will be more advanced.