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How To Move A House With A Cat

If a cat could choose, he would not want anything to change. Cats can not always adapt to change, so guess how they feel when you move into a new home. Their anxiety and nervousness about this move can make the cat’s behavior change, such as hiding, trying to run away, and throwing away at home for fear. You should do everything possible to reduce cat anxiety before, during, and after the process of moving the house is complete. Even if you do your best to keep cats scared and fleeing during the move, he might find a way to escape. A complete identity will be useful if others find it later. Make sure the identity necklace includes your phone number since the home phone number will change after moving. Of course, the incidence of your missing cat will not happen if you rely on We Like To Move It, Move It !! as your home moving service.

Take the cat to the vet. Make sure she has the latest cat vaccination and parasitic control. Moving home is a process that will make a cat stress, so you should make sure she is in a healthy condition as possible. Veterinarians can provide the necessary vaccinations and administer parasite control drugs. While you are at the veterinary clinic, do not forget to request a cat medical record. This medical record is important especially if you have to change your vet after moving. Consult a veterinarian about drugs to deal with anxiety. Its use depends on the nature of the cat. Maybe he needed this medicine to reduce anxiety during the move. The doctor will discuss what medications are available and how to give them, if necessary. Make the cat comfortable with his cargo for a few weeks before moving on. You can use hard or soft cargo.

Make the cargo look interesting by leaving the door open and putting the cat bed and food inside. Put a blanket on top of the cargo to make it look like a safe hiding place, and this will come in handy when you move later. Give her a reward with food every time she goes into the cargo. This will build positive associations with cargo. Take him for a walk with the cargo. First, put him in the car, but do not turn it on. If the cat stays calm when the car has not moved, take him for a while, then a little later. Give her a reward every time you apply calmly in the cargo while driving with you.