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What is Medical Oncology?

Oncology is a special field of healthcare handling of cancer, ranging from cancer screening to palliative care. You can visit fortis hospital bangalore to get treatment from experienced medical personnel. The main skill of a cancer specialist is the treatment of cancer with therapy using drugs or systemic therapy. Cancer treatment therapy include:

– Hormone therapy is a cancer treatment method that works on cancer with positive receptor hormone, which means cancer contains receptors for estrogen or progesterone hormone. In other words, this cancer requires or relies on hormones to grow and grow. This type of therapy is most effective for treating breast cancer caused by high levels of estrogen, and works by lowering estrogen levels in the body or inhibiting the effects of estrogen in order not to activate breast cancer cells.

– Chemotherapy is commonly used to treat cancer. This method of treatment is done by injecting various drugs into the body to destroy cancer cells gradually and prevent cancer cells re-form. Although quite effective, chemotherapy is known to have many side effects, because the drugs used can also affect healthy body cells.

In addition to providing systemic treatment, the other obligation of a cancer specialist is to oversee the patient’s general care and treatment as well as to check the patient’s health on a regular basis. It is also responsible for evaluating the results of the patient’s treatment and dealing with all the complications. In addition, by monitoring the development of the patient, the cancer specialist is the first person to determine whether the patient has special needs that must be met.

If the patient needs special treatment, the cancer specialist will assist them by working with other medical experts, such as a radiation cancer specialist who can perform radiation therapy or a cancer surgery specialist who can perform biopsy and surgery to remove tumors and cancer tissue, so that cancer can be cured.