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The smart ways to watch horror movies

One smart way to watch a horror movie is the proper time preparation. When watching a horror movie make sure to be feared strictly watching it at night, even more so in the early hours of the day. The best time to watch a horror movie is during the day so as not to get carried away with the atmosphere of the movie that mostly tells the setting in the dark. You can also visit if you wish to watch horror movies online for free.

Maximize hand function

In addition to preparing shields, the most basic thing of self-protection is part of our own body, prepare our hands to be able to reflex close your eyes or close your ears when the movie shows or played a scene that is considered creepy. Move hands as fast as we can to avoid paranoid.

Wearing Earphone

One that is recommended when watching a horror movie is by wearing earphones or a headset, using this tool we can quickly escape from the audio clarity when a horror movie is playing a creepy sound, this method is quite effective and efficient.