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Gestational Diabetes Diagnosis

Gestational diabetes is diabetes that occurs during pregnancy and usually lasts only until the birth process. Gestational diabetes that affects 9.2 percent of pregnant women generally occurs between the 24th to 28th week of pregnancy, although it is not possible to occur in any week. Get Diabetes medicine by visiting

In general, the physician will perform a physical test and ask for some things such as symptoms experienced, duration of symptoms, personal and family medical history (especially diabetes), conditions experienced in previous pregnancies, the increase or decrease in body weight drastically and infant weight from pregnancy previous. If doctors feel the symptoms experienced lead to gestational diabetes, a series of tests may be suggested, such as an initial oral glucose tolerance test. In this test, the doctor will check the blood glucose levels 1 hour before and after consuming the liquid sugar syrup provided by the doctor. If the test results above 130-140 mL / dL, your doctor may recommend taking an advanced oral glucose tolerance test.