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Often Forget Someone’s Name? These are two scientific explanations

With so many people you meet every day, have you ever felt forgotten about one of them, even if they are your one-office partner? This is actually natural for some reasons. However, if the nature of the forgotten it can disturb, then you have to do some ways to forget the habit is no longer disturb your activities. Some ways you can do is to consume fruit or foods that contain omega 3 and brainpower recall supplements. One of the supplements you can choose is Lumonol Link supplement. If you consume the product you can improve your memory and your focus.

Forgetting someone’s name turns out to have some explanation like,
1. How interested are you to that person. Apparently, the ability to remember this person’s name is determined by your interest in him. The more interested you are to a person, the name will easily be remembered.

2. Man will be easier to remember visual than writing. There are many names that humans have heard during their lifetime. For that, they are easy to forget with the names and it is easier to remember the face of a person.