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How to Prevent Water Pollution

Water pollution can have an adverse impact on humans, animals, and the environment and surrounding ecosystems. Water pollution can cause health problems, environmental damage, and disruption of ecosystem balance. So great is the impact of water pollution on the survival of living things and ecosystems on the surface of the earth so that the prevention and control of water pollution are important to do. One of the negative impacts of waste, you can see by visiting

Here are some ways you can do to prevent water pollution:

– Avoid using toxins and explosives to catch fish
Use of fishing nets and hooks in addition to more hygienic also does not cause environmental damage, the continuity of fish regeneration can also take place either.

– Do not dispose of household waste in rivers or lakes
We recommend managing household waste properly and properly

– Movement of greening, reforestation, green line making, maintaining water catchment area
Performing greening, reforestation, the green line making, maintaining water catchment areas in buffer zones to prevent flooding.