Monthly Archives: September 2016

Here come the dogs!

We all know dogs and their love for sports, and aren’t we glad to see them participate in the first ever Rio Dog Olympics. Dozens of dogs of different breeds, ages and sizes competed for medals at a private dog club in Rio. The events included agility, aquatic ball chasing, and aquatic jumping.

The games aim to bring together the pets and their owners to socialize with each other. The competition was open to all dogs regardless of skill or experience. Mima, a nine-month-old beagle, won gold in aquatic jumping!

Here is a short video showing the dogs at their game.

World Animal Remembrance Month and Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!

September is dedicated to animal remembrance! And in their honor, Worldless Wednesday is an initiative taken by BlogPaws to remember, respect, and honor the memory of all animals.

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